Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 memorial

9 September 1969

London, IN

Pieces of the DC-9

Please note that all pieces of the DC-9 that I have found have been donated to the permanent archive at the Grover Museum in Shelbyville. They will maintain the historical archive of this crash now and into the future.

Some thoughts: These pieces must be from the airplane, because, even with 50 years of kids playing in that field, I doubt these kinds of things would end up buried in a field that sees a crop every year! I've found silverware, shoes, toys, and stuff that is obviously not from the crash. I'm pretty sure of these, though.

Some things I haven't found are coins, small liquor bottles, watches, rings, or (gulp) pieces of human bone. I know there have to be some of these out there, but rest assured that if I would ever happen to stumble on any remains, I would absolutely rebury them and leave them in their resting place. The other items would be an amazing find; I would post pictures of any such personal property on this site for family members to claim.

My window of opportunity to search is very limited, but check back. More is sure to follow!

If you can help me identify any of these, or refute their authenticity, please let me know!

The blue, white, and green is paint.

Some small pieces. The red, white, and blue is paint. The small piece on the bottom left is paneling.

Note the crackling in the white piece.

More blue paint.

Both sides of two greenish-yellow painted pieces.

This twisted metal has what feels like cloth duct tape riveted to it.

More small pieces. Numbers on one!

A piece of cloth.

The top piece is like canvas or burlap. That's Velcro on it. The bottom piece has the consistency of duct tape. (Luggage piece?)

Detail of the above.

A rubber window molding.

Thin white twisted metal.

The white pieces are like the paneling found in lavatories.

Detail from the other side of the above. No, I can't read it either.

The same green or yellow paint.

Insulation? Glue on one side, white paint on the other.

A spring-loaded latch.

This piece is big! Could it be part of the engine nacelle? It was found in an area where the engines buried themselves in the ground.

Two more small pieces, blue paint on one side and shiny mica-like white on the other. (Heat stress on the piece on the right?)

Caster from a serving cart.

More generic pieces with that green paint.