My friend, Dave, and myself both lived in Beech Grove, Indiana at the time.
Dave had just returned from a 9-month tour of Vietnam. I had just completed 3 First aid classes.

I was at Dave's house, when something unusual happened. His wife came downstairs and said that, while she was watching TV, they announced that an Airliner had just crashed at London, Indiana.

We were 11 miles from London. I had raced motorcycles on the county roads out there, so I knew exactly where London was.

Dave wanted to go there. I hesitated, he insisted, so we raced out there at 90 mph plus, in my 65 Impala.

We found Blue Smoke coming from a soybean field, three fence lines from the road. No other vehicles were in the area. Dave jumped out, said he was going over to the smoke. He crossed over the first fence; the soybeans were about 3 feet tall. I followed, crossed over the third fence, when Dave hollered that he had found a wallet. I yelled "put it down". One State Trooper and one fire fighter were now up at the road, near the trailers.

I looked down at my feet and saw a straw purse, sitting in-between the rows. Just like it had been placed there, without disturbing the soil. I turned and saw the spillage into the trees and fence line from where we had just come into the area. Clothing, paper, etc from the plane. I told Dave that I was going back to the car.

Looking down again I saw the head of a young Female. It was standing on its neck, hair covering the face and entire head. A bright reddish orange blood covered it all. More orange than red.

Just then the State Trooper motioned for us to come to his location. We went waking through the crash splash toward the bloody road. We walked through flesh, bones, not able to tell what body parts they were from. We saw many pieces of feet with all five toes, with only about 3 inches of the foot attached to the toes.

All were bright reddish orange.

Arriving at the State Trooper, we had to cross the bloody road. It was completely covered with blood and other fluids. Dave gave them the wallet. I told them that we had just come to help, and asked what we could do.

The trooper gave me a box of road flares and asked us to set up a roadblock at the first intersection coming from the highway. To stop all traffic, only allow residents and authorities to pass by.

We manned the roadblock for 3 hours till a Trooper relieved us.

Later, on the 10:00pm News, we saw cars lined up for 6 miles trying to look at the crash seen.

There was no fire, don't remember the smell; will always remember the straw purse and head, the bright red orange color of flesh blood.
Never went back to the area again.
I read or was told, one survivor lived about 10 minutes. He had landed in a tree, the bottom half of his body gone.  A trailer resident got him down from the tree.

Fred J Gregory Jr