Augustine "Gus" Josey Long

Pauline Ann Long

The Longs were travelling with their son Greg to California, where he was to leave for his US Army assignment in Okinawa. The Longs were among the passengers who had had tickets for TWA Flight 69, but were offered passage aboard Flight 853 and accepted.

Mr. Long, or "Gus", as he was known, was Vice-chairman of the Board of Colonial Food Stores, and former President of the Board of Directors of Albers Supermarkets. He had been married to Jeanette Albers until her death in 1951, and had five children by that marriage. All were adults by the time of the crash. In 1955, he married Polly. She was a musician, and performed with the local group Musica Sacra.

The Long's five other children were named Rick, Gusty, Paul, Clare, and Katie. I have been in contact with a family friend (of Paul's) from their childhood, who would be interested in contact if at all possible. This person shared fond memories of Gus Long, how his booming voice commanded respect and love from his children; likewise, he told of the kind and gentle Mrs. Long, and how sad it was for the children to lose their parents in this way.

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