Elizabeth Ann (Sister Mary Eucharia) Foley

As a teacher, from the Sacred Heart yearbook of 1970 which was dedicated to Sister Foley

I have had contact with Sister Foley's sister, and she has graciously shared some wonderful information and pictures of her sister (affectionaly called "Betty").


The siblings on vacation in Maine as young children.  Sister Foley is the older girl, and the boy is her brother (future priest!)

With family and another nun.  8/1969 - a month before the crash.  Sister Foley is in the foreground.


Miss Foley was a nun in the Catholic Church, and an English teacher at Sacred Heart HS in Waterbury CT. She had flown to Boston from Windsor Locks, CT earlier in the day, and was en route to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale to complete her Doctorate English studies. Born 12 June 1931, she had entered the Sisters of Mercy in June 1948 (immediately after graduation from High School), and took her vows in 1951. Among her family, she had a brother and an uncle who were both ordained Church leaders.

Family picture (with parents, sister and brother (who is a priest)

Family picture on her brother's graduation from Harvard (6/1968)


With nieces and nephew

Sister Foley's young neice wearing her habit.  The young girl (now, of course, an adult woman!) reports that Sister's presence is still very strong in her life.


Sister Foley loved being a nun during this time of general unrest in the late 60s, and her tragic death was mourned by the High School, the Catholic community, and all who had known her.


Sister Foley's picture from the newspaper

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