Edward Joseph Hardebeck Jr.

A native of Cincinnati (born July 27, 1933), Mr. Hardebeck had been a Quality Control Engineering Superintendent for the FMC Corp. Ordinance Division in South Charleston WV, but had recently received word that he was to be laid off in the near future. He was flying to Terre Haute, IN, to interview with the J.I. Case Co. The above picture was taken from a newspaper at the time of the accident, and was made on the occasion of his winning his company's golf tournament.

He was a graduate of Northwestern University.

Mr. Hardebeck was buried in South Charleston:

Another picture, taken in his office:

Mr. Hardebeck left behind his wife, Barbara (married in May 1958), and five young children: Edward (10), Ann (9), Carol (7), Janet (4) and Daniel (2). Ann and Carol had celebrated their birthdays only a few days before the crash. I've been lucky enough to have had contact with Edward and Daniel, who have told me what little they remembered of their father. The fact that they remembered so little served to me as a stark reminder of just how devastating an event like this really is in people's lives.

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