Lee Price Roseberry

Mr. Roseberry was the South Central Regional Manager for the Eugene Dietzgen Company, manufacturer of draftman's supplies. He was on his way to Wichita, KS, and transferred to flgith 853 upon learning of the delay of TWA flgith 69.

Described by his secretary as always "rush, rush", he was obviously a very type-A person. "If he could save an hour by switching planes, he would do it." He flew constantly, covering his 11-state area which extended to Utah and New Mexico, and would always change planes if that could save him some time.

A subordinate who was to meet him in St. Louis had not known of the switch, and did not learn of the crash until he arrived at his house that evening. The employee who was to meet Mr. Roseberry in Wichita did not hear of the accident until the next morning. Both men had waited over two hours at Mr. Roseberry's original flights' respective gates.

He left behind his wife, Iona, and children Rusty (a senior in High School) and Barbara (a stewardess for TWA).

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