Patricia Ann Perry

Senior base Stewardess, based in Cincinnati. She was one of the stewardesses (they didn't use the term "flight attendant" in those days!) on flight 853.

In her home town newspaper, Miss Perry was described in the quaint manner of 60's journalism as "a very bright and pretty brunette", who was "capable and happy", and "loved her job and loved to talk about it". Originally from Mooresville, IN, she had made her home in Massachusetts for about a year prior to the accident. She lived alone, but had been visited by her mother and sister only three weeks before the tragedy.

I've been in contact with a man who was the gate agent for the fatal flight, who processed all the passengers, and who was a very close friend of Patty's. His remembrances are all of a very wonderful and friendly person, who'd always help out when called upon, and who to this day is still very sorely missed.

Also, I've received an e-mail from a very close friend of Patty's who related the story to me that her fiance Tom S. had lived in Washington, DC, and flew Convair 580s for Allegheny. He was to have been on flight 853 with her, and they were to have been married the week of the crash. He ended up working on another flight that day, and of course, his life was changed immensely by that decision.

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