Richard A. Boxwell

Mr. Boxwell, a senior buyer with Armco Steel Corp., was on a business trip to a trade show in Kansas City with a co-worker, Mr. Bays. Nicknamed "Chick" from an early age, Mr. Boxwell was buried in Woodside Cemetery in Middletown, OH.

The two had been scheduled to fly on TWA flight 69.

He had been captain of the Middletown HS basketball team, Ohio State Champions in 1944. He went on to star on Xavier University's basketball team, and graduated in 1949. He joined Armco in 1956.

Happier times - in the middle of a war, a bunch of friends celebrate a State Championship.
25 years later, Chick would be on the wrong flight at the wrong time.

(Thanks to the Middletown HS librarian for this photo.)

Mr. Boxwell left behind his wife Mary Ann, and two sons, Rick and Tom.

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