Robert William Carey

born 17 April 1935

On the invitation of his brother, Mr. Carey had moved to Indianapolis in August 1968 from his home in Manchester, NH. A plumber with six children, he had resumed the flight instruction he'd begun in New Hampshire, with Robert Kiesel at Brookside Airport on the far east side of Indianapolis. By all accounts, he was an excellent pilot who was certain to earn his private license at his checkride, scheduled for the week after the accident. His wife stated that the only thing he loved more than flying was his family.

Born in Batavia, NY, he was a Korean War Veteran of the Air Force who had taken up flying after leaving the service of his country. He and Lorraine, his wife of 15 years (married 8/14/54), had six children: Lisa (8 mo), Charlene (4), Kathleen (6), Darlene (8), Thomas (9), and Michael (11).

I have been fortunate enough to have made contact with Mr. Carey's family. This is wonderful, because now I will be able to have firsthand accounts of the pilot and the man he was. Their willingness to help with this memorial is greatly and deeply appreciated.

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