Raymond Marshall Gillispie

Mr. Gillispie had lived in St. Louis until 1965, when he and his family moved to Roanoke. He was chief special agent for the Norfolk & Western Railroad, having worked for the railroad 30 years.

He left behind his wife, Rita, and two daughters, Judy and Janice.  Judy has contacted me and graciously provided both the photo of her father you see above, as well as the following which I am happy to share:

Raymond Marshall Gillispie, born 11/12/18 in Vienna, MO.  As a young adult, he moved to St. Louis and married Rita Jane Wyland after serving in WWII.  (While he was tracking Rommell in Africa, he was held briefly as a p.o.w. before his escape.)  Ray worked as a detective for the Wabash Railroad in St. Louis until they merged with Norfolk & Western Railroad.  In 1966, Ray was promoted to Chief Special Agent and was transferred to Roanoke,VA. On Sept 9, 1969, he was enroute to St. Louis on business; this was his oldest daughter's (Judith) 20th birthday.  His other daughter, Janice, was a senior in high school.  Ray was the neighborhood handyman wherever he lived;  he enjoyed building, too.  All the kids in the family flocked around him like bees to a hive.  He loved to hunt and fish and loved sharing that with his own girls and his nieces and nephews.    He was a kind and gentle person and much loved.  His wife died two years later.  His daughters, Judy Saunders and Jan Gunn, still reside in Virginia.


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