Richard Lewis Tannen

Mr. Tannen would have been a senior at Indiana University in Bloomington, studying East Asian Languages and Literature. One of his great interests, which most likely would have become the topic for a very insightful and well-researched graduate thesis, was the study of the history of Jews and Judaism in China.

Rick, as his friends knew him, was a very active member of the Hillel (Jewish student center) at the University, and possibly the main reason for his being on flight 853 was to return to school early in order to assist the Rabbi in preparing orientation activities for new incoming students.

His father, Mr. Erny Tannen, was president of a company which owned three radio stations in Maryland and Rhode Island. His uncle, Rabbi Marc Tannenbaum, was a well-respected leader in the Jewish community, holding at one time a senior leadership post for the American Jewish Congress.

The above photograph of Mr. Tannen was graciously provided by his brother.

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