Wallace Alfred Carlson

Mr. Carlson was general sales manager for Frozen Food Express in Dallas.  He had joined the company in January of 1968, and was traveling with a co-worker (passenger Kirschbraun) on a multiple-stop business trip. The men's destination was St. Louis.

Mr. Carlson left four children (Glenn, Karen, Craig, Dewey) and wife, Nancy.  Karen has graciously contacted me, and expressed that her dad was funny, loving and most of all a wonderful husband.  This is perhaps the most wonderful tribute a person can have, to have been so warmly remembered by his children in such a positive way.  I can definitively state that the void left in the life of a 19-year-old girl who lost her father resonated strongly over the many years, and was definite proof of the lasting and permanent effect a tragedy such as this has on the lives of ALL those who were touched by it.



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