The next page contains very graphic pictures of the crash scene.

This includes uncensored pictures of the remains of the people who were on the plane.

These are included, not intending to show any disrespect to the victims or their families, but to provide a tangible record of just exactly how terrible things like this tragedy are. The scope and enormity of this accident are not to be antiseptically brushed aside.

I think you will agree that the people who were there, even as long ago as it was, have not forgotten what it was like to be there. The people whose lives were forever changed have not forgotten what it was like to have their loved ones stolen from them.

Please view these pictures with discretion. If you have any emotional connection to this tragedy, please go back. If you choose to look at them, please don't come back and yell at me. It is NOT my intention to upset anyone or to be insensitive, just to provide facts.